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Step into a world of relief 

and happiness 

with each stride!

WALK AWAY THE PAIN                            BAD JOINTS? NOT ANYMORE!                       LIGHTWEIGHT & THICK.

Slide your feet into heaven

We are proud to introduce our 100% eco-friendly 

versatile, super comfortable, and easy to clean

 Rslides that will leave you feeling like you're walking on clouds.

Soothing comfort your feet will love!

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Performance Pain Relief

Finally, a slipper with comfy sole cushioning, 
cloud-like shock absorption for max comfort in every step.

Feel Happy Every Step You Take

A 1.6" - 4.5cm inovative thick sole with air suspension that provides ultimate support and comfort while giving a sense of cloud feet

Protectively and Convenience

The Rslides cushioned pillow slides offer excellent shock-absorbing properties, which effectively safeguard your feet from impact 

More reasons to choose Rslides

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Don't let life's challenges affect your comfort  choose the right footwear


Do they fit big or small?

Our slippers usually run slightly larger, which means you can wear them comfortably with socks. If we don't have your exact size and you are a half size, it might be better to choose the smaller size. Also, keep in mind that our slippers are open-toed and have a bit of flexibility in terms of fit.

Is it true that these slippers can help alleviate foot pain?

While we have received positive feedback from many customers who experience foot pain, we can't claim that our slippers cure foot pain. However, our Rslides are designed to compress with each step and absorb the position of your foot, making them more comfortable than many other types of footwear

Are they waterproof?

You can wear our slippers in any condition. They are versatile and suitable for a range of activities, including at the beach, inside, in the shower, on a walk, and more

What materials are the slippers made of?

"Our Pillow Slides are crafted from EVA, which is a material that offers soft compression, comfort, and durability.

Do they shrink in the sun?

While our Rslides are made of EVA, the squishiest and most comfortable material, they can shrink slightly if exposed to high temperatures. The material is not resistant to extremely high temperatures and should not be exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods